Just Weeks Away from Your MCAT
But you’re still missing that final… something
If you’re nearly there, but something just isn’t clicking, 
If you’re missing that final breakthrough that will be the difference between testing this year vs pushing another cycle,

I have just the thing for you...
 The MCAT Breakthrough Accelerator - LIVE Interactive Cohort 
You’ve been studying for weeks, months, or even years.
Or, perhaps you just got your scores back, and realized you need to retake it.

You know you can be ready for this cycle, but
 Something feels 'off'... 
→ You haven’t been able to hit your self-imposed study goals 
→ Your scores refuse to budge despite so many different approaches
→ You’re not even sure your current strategy works (how do you know?)
→ You’re not sure, but you’re hoping you’ll be ready in time (again, how do you know?)
→ You KNOW you can, but you don’t fully BELIEVE in yourself
 You have more questions than answers... 
What exactly should I focus on in these last few weeks?
How do I know if I’m ready?
If I can’t hit my study goal, how do I adjust my plan?
 You feel like you should KNOW how to do this on your own... 
Afterall, you’ve taken tests your whole life. 
Why does this feel so different?
So much harder?
 You're not alone! 
Hi, I’m Leah. My own painful pre-med journey showed me what it’s like to struggle on your own, to fail at what you think is the right path, to feel unsure of where to turn or how to find the answers. It's why I left the pre-med path to become a pre-med mentor. To help students like you tackle this monster of an exam, and finally achieve your dream of wearing that white coat.

In working with so many students over the past decade, I’ve seen firsthand how lack of proper guidance in the final weeks can make the difference between being stuck in a plateau vs watching everything finally click into place leading to confidence and success on test day.

With so much riding on this one exam and with so little time remaining, you can't afford to waste these precious final weeks. 

Let me show you how I’ve helped hundreds of students make the most of their final weeks, and together we can work on the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.
 That’s exactly what you’ll get in my brand new
MCAT Breakthrough Accelerator 
 (don’t worry if you can’t make it live, I’ll send you the recordings)  
This brand new accelerator will be an intense, LIVE, small-group cohort of students working together with me to figure out exactly what to do in the final weeks to maximize your chances for the 2024 testing cycle
 Over the course of 2 weeks (starting July 14) we’ll work together to: 
  • Figure out EXACTLY where you stand right now
  • Use actual data rather than guesswork to confirm you’re on track
  • Figure out your specific next steps given YOUR OWN current weaknesses 
  • Customize everything from your schedule, strategy, and timeline
  • Learn HOW to tackle MCAT style science and CARS passages
  • We’ll even discuss mindset and motivation for when the going gets rough

We’ll work TOGETHER to maximize the time you have left, so that you always know exactly where you will find your next point.

I offer this type of strategizing and analysis via 1-on-1 sessions (I charge $199/hour), or during office hours for my Study Hall Members.

In speaking with a number of my current members, understanding where they are stuck and what they need help with, I realized that they could benefit from a more intensive boost, more targeted guidance and hand-holding, a more focused community of students in a similar position also gearing up to test very soon. 
And with my schedule limited thanks to my lovable tornado-toddler, I can only accept so many 1-on-1 requests before the cycle is over.

And let’s face it, when the end is so close but you can’t see the next step, having someone waiting for you, knowing you have to SHOW UP will beat out any lack of motivation you’re feeling in the moment, and help you get unstuck.

In reviewing what students are typically missing at the last minute, I’ve broken it down into the upcoming series of live sessions.

These sessions represent each of the topics we would have covered together if you booked a one-hour session with me (total value: 10 x $199). Not only won’t you pay $199 per session, you get access to the ENTIRE series and so much more (below) for a fraction of the cost, in this upcoming accelerator.
 What's Waiting for You in My MCAT Breakthrough Accelerator... 
The Accelerator is more than just a series of live sessions. Here’s what you’ll get:
  1. Intense homework and video assignments 
  2. Live sessions as detailed below
  3. Live session recordings in case you can’t make it or need to see them again
  4. MCAT Breakthrough Companion Workbook
  5. Direct access to me - guidance and support for the accelerator duration
  6. Community support - interact with your fellow accelerator members 

You’ll have access to the accelerator through the end of this testing cycle (mid Sep 2024)

Live Sessions and Homework

The more you invest into this accelerator, the more you’ll get out of it. 
Each live session will be a mix of homework concept review then learning by example. This means that instead of showing you HOW to do something, we’ll review student submissions for different scenarios followed by Q&A to ensure you know EXACTLY what to do in YOUR situation.
Review of YOUR timeline, YOUR scores, YOUR FL review table…

MCAT Breakthrough Companion Workbook

Showing up live will help you understand your next steps, learn what you have to do and answer your specific questions. But I want to help you take this to the next level. That’s why I’m including a detailed follow-along-as-we-go companion workbook with a mix of numerical, tactical and thought-provoking assignments.
Give this companion workbook your max effort and you’ll be amazed at the breakthroughs you can accomplish in a matter of just 2 weeks

Breakthrough Accelerator Sessions

Beginning July 14th

Session 1: Accelerator Kickoff Meetup
We’ll open with a virtual meetup to get to know your fellow Accelerator members, share your goals, and maybe even make a few new friends.

Session 2: How to Tell if What You’re Doing Is Working
While you may be itching to get into tactics, being able to know FOR SURE that you are on the right track will give you the confidence to proceed, OR quickly notify you that you need to pivot while you still have a chance.

Session 3: So What’s My Next Step? (Continue vs Start Over)
When you’re not starting from scratch, you have to first evaluate exactly where you stand, what you’ve completed and what you’re still missing, then create a plan to fill in YOUR gaps without wasting time on any distractions. We’ll also focus on what to do if you’re retesting for a more competitive score.

Session 4: Raising Your Scores Using Your Full Length Reviews
More than just showing you where you stand, we’ll work on using YOUR full length results to pinpoint your exact next steps and maximize your chances of seeing a jump by your next FL.

Session 5: Daily Study Schedule - Maximizing Your Limited Time
Your schedule is already hectic and you don’t have time to waste. Let’s plan out YOUR ideal daily study schedule specifically taking into account what you’ve identified from above, allowing time for life responsibilities, and ensuring you don’t burn out so close to the end.

Session 6: Your Final Weeks - Adjusting Your Timeline
With so little time remaining, and enough homework to last another year, what SHOULD you focus on week to week? We’ll customize your balance of content vs passages vs full lengths given the time YOU have remaining.

Session 7: Troubleshooting CARS Passages
More than just a full quarter of your MCAT, learning how to improve your critical reading in passages and questions will translate to a better approach in EACH of the MCAT sections. This session will review how to tackle CARS passages and questions, and how to troubleshoot any issues you’ve come across so far.

Session 8: Troubleshooting Science Passages
Despite testing you on 3-years worth of undergraduate sciences, the MCAT is not a content exam. In this section we’ll focus on how to approach science passages and questions strategically balancing a breakdown of information provided in the passage and the requirement for outside knowledge recall.

TWO Bonus Sessions: Science (and Math) Q&A
Let’s face it, strategy alone is enough enough, and so if you’re stuck on any specific science or math question, let’s review it together in not one, but TWO bonus sessions (this will take place the week after the 2-week Breakthrough Accelerator)
Can’t make every live session? 
Firstly, you don’t have to attend each one. Pick the sessions you feel will help you the most, and attend (or watch the recordings).

Additionally, I get it, you’re busy, and with schedule variations and time zone differences, it’s hard to find an ideal time for every participant.
How to still get the most out of the Accelerator 
  1. Complete the required homework in preparation for each session
  2. Submit your questions, tables, schedule and more in advance
  3. Watch the recordings soon as they’re posted to quickly catch up
  4. Post any followup questions you have to the members-only community

Members-Only Community

Typically reserved for my MCAT Study Hall members, this exclusive group will give you a chance to connect between sessions, ask questions and get feedback quickly, and serve as a space for you to feel heard, get advice, commiserate, and celebrate together with your fellow bootcamp members.
Ready to Join Me? 
The Accelerator Kickoff Meetup starts Sunday, July 14th
Hoping to see you there
2 Options for Joining me in the Accelerator
Accelerator Only
  •  Homework and video assignments
  • Participate live
  • Session recordings
  • Accelerator Companion Workbook
  • My guidance and support during July (within reason, some questions are best answered live or in the members group)
  • Access to the Members-Only Facebook community 
One Time Payment
access through Sept 14th
By joining the Accelerator you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
MCAT Study Hall
 The MCAT Breakthrough Accelerator is available to MCAT Study Hall Members at no extra cost. You can find the full Study Hall Details HERE

  • Everything in the Accelerator
  • Access to the on-demand (prerecorded) MCAT Science Bootcamps
    • Physics
    • General Chemistry
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Biochemistry
    • Amino Acids
  • Access to on-demand (prerecorded) MCAT Math Bootcamps
    • MCAT Math Foundations
    • MCAT Math Application Mini Bootcamp
  • Access to the pre-recorded MCAT Strategy Bootcamp
  • Access to weekly live Office Hours   
LIMITED TIME! Use coupon code MCAT25 at checkout to save 25%
with coupon code MCAT25
Billed every 30 days
cancel anytime
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What time are the live sessions
Sessions are scheduled at 4pm and 8:15pm ET starting Sun July 14th through Thu July 25th with 2 bonus sessions on July 29th and 31st.
Recordings will be available within 1-2 days but most likely by the following morning.

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What if I can't attend live?  Will you still answer my questions?
Of course! I realize that many students cannot attend live. You’ll have detailed homework guiding you in how to prepare for each session, which will also help you figure out your questions ahead of time. Simply submit your questions so that I can address them live, and you’ll get my answer in the recording. (my goal is to have them posted by the following morning)
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I'm testing on ___.  Will it be worth it for me?
Testing in July
Since the accelerator runs through most of July, you may still benefit from the sessions but will have little time to implement what you learn. If you need last minute help I recommend option 2 (Study Hall) so that you can pick and choose what you need, and still get help in time for your MCAT.

Testing in August or September
The MCAT Breakthrough Accelerator was designed specifically for YOU! 
If you need help with just strategy, sign up for option 1 (Accelerator). For help with strategy, filling in content gaps, and access to weekly office hours once the Accelerator is over, join option 2 and take full advantage of the MCAT Study Hall which also includes the Accelerator at no extra cost

Testing in 2025 or Beyond
Since the Accelerator is designed for students about to test, I recommend signing up for the Study Hall and IGNORING the MCAT Breakthrough Accelerator as these sessions will be too intense and overwhelming for where you are now. Additionally, Study Hall members will get automatic access to my NEXT live cohort (starting Aug or Sep) which will be similar to this but slower paced, with a focus on Starting Over For The New Cycle.
And of course, the Accelerator recordings will be waiting for you in the Study Hall as you get closer to next year’s test date
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Will you guarantee I'll reach my target score?
The short answer, no! NOBODY can make such guarantees. What I can promise is that I will show up for you, 100%. I will give you everything I’ve got from a well thought out Companion Workbook, strategically chosen homework, and my full attention during live sessions and Q&A.
Then, I can promise that if you put in the work you WILL see results. These results will of course depend on where you’re starting out, how much time you have, your ability to learn, your required jump and more. Without knowing your personal situation (yet), I hope you understand why I can’t make any guarantees.

7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
What I can promise is this: If, within 7 days, you are not happy with the program or decide it’s not for you, let me know within 1 week and I'll refund your purchase minus a 4% transaction fee.
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I need to increase by _ points.  Will this help me?
Once again, this is a question I cannot answer. In my experience, it takes the average student ~6 months to jump 15 points. With only 2 months remaining in this cycle, you must evaluate what’s realistic for you. I will of course help you maximize your time remaining with the Accelerator
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How long will I have access to the recordings for?
I want to ensure you have plenty of time to review and implement these strategies before your MCAT, so you will have access as follows:

Breakthrough Accelerator ONLY
If you purchase access to JUST the Accelerator, you will have access through the end of this testing cycle (September 14, 2024)

MCAT Study Hall - Self Study
This is a monthly (cancel anytime) membership. Your access will last for the duration of your membership. You may cancel at any time, and you will still have access through the end of the subscription. Example, if you sign up today, and cancel tomorrow, you will still have access for the full 30 days.
MCAT Study Hall? What's That? What's Included?
A LOT!  You can find all the details here: Leah4sci.com/selfstudy
Still have questions about the Accelerator or MCAT Study Hall?